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A 2022 wedding in Dubai or Oman: Considering simple solutions


People who live in Oman will likely want to hold their wedding in this country because their family and friends reside there. Dubai and other GCC nations also have prosperous economies and beautiful views that expats might also want to explore. Have you ever wondered about the expectations for a 2022 wedding in Dubai or Oman?

The UAE competes with big nations of the world in terms of luxury. So, a wedding in any of the emirates might be over the roof for some couples. Let us see what couples can expect in a Dubai and Oman wedding. Online weddings as an affordable solution will also be discussed.

Realities of a Dubai and Oman wedding

Before couples begin to plan their 2022 wedding in Dubai or Oman, they must first make sure that they meet expectations that have to do with:

  1. Religion: The Muslim Sharia law is the base for civil marriages in the respective courts. The options of embassies and churches/temples are available for others.
  2. Residency: At least one of the parties should live in the country.
  3. Medical screening: Premarital screening is a basic requirement.
  4. Legalization/Translation: Documents should be translated to Arabic before they are legalized.

In addition to these, the couple will bear the costs of a wedding venue, food for guests, decorations, and logistics. However, there are many things that the couple and their invitees can enjoy. The beautiful and serene environments, quality food, and entertainment are second to none.  

What if the couple cannot care for the financial costs of marriage in these places? There are many alternative routes that they can explore.

Recommendations for couples who want a Destination wedding

Couples who live in Oman but desire a luxury wedding can head to Dubai. They can fulfill all their fantasies at this destination. However, if they prefer affordable wedding destinations, then Georgia and Seychelles will be great.

If for any reason, the couple cannot travel, then an online wedding will be excellent. An online wedding requires the couple to file for a marriage contract online. This is an exciting way to marry. Through this means, there will be no need for the long stages of a physical marriage.

If you consider your situation and think that a Dubai wedding is best for you, book a consultation with our wedding experts. You will receive helpful guidance to start and finish the process.

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