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A civil wedding in the UAE for Oman expats


Many expats in Oman gladly welcome the idea of a civil wedding in the UAE. A marriage in this country is fast, simple, and easy. But like every other official process, it is important that couples come to the Family court in Abu Dhabi with some required documents when they are ready for their civil wedding in the UAE.

Before the courts can issue a marriage certificate, they have to confirm the identity of the couple and their present marital standing. This article mentions some necessary documents that fall into this line. Oman expats can thus prepare with these documents in mind.

Most vital steps for the marriage process

The following steps are considered very essential for marriage in the UAE. If couples keep to them, they will be able to complete the process in good time.

  1. Getting the necessary documents: Prior to their visit, the couple should keep their passports ready. Next in line will be proof that a former marriage has ended. This could be the divorce or death certificates.
  2. Filling out the marriage application form: When they come to the physical court, the couple will receive a form that they will fill out and submit.
  3. Submitting other means of identification: The Emirate’s ID is another valid means of identification that the couple can submit, however, this is optional.

After this, the couple should take care to authenticate their certificate. They may have to translate some documents from one language to another. The home office and some recognized institutions handle these.

Final points to note about the civil wedding in Abu Dhabi

The civil wedding in Abu Dhabi has been used by many couples to seal their marriages with no issues. As mentioned earlier, documentation is an important step that must be followed duly. Authentication is another major step

A marriage that has undergone all the steps listed above are due will receive a valid certificate that can be presented anywhere. A destination wedding in Abu Dhabi is definitely worth the trial.

If you are an Oman expat who wants to marry in the UAE, book a consultation with our wedding team. You can be sure to receive a comprehensive guide.

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