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Abortion Law in Oman: Do you know what is it ?

Abortion Law in Oman: Do you know what is it ?

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People who are Omani residents or ex-pats cannot opt for abortion as a choice due to its illegality. Although dating is not allowed in Arab countries like Oman, if any women get pregnant before marriage, they have to go through a strict marriage process. If your case is like this, what other options will suit you?

Why do Omani Women face challenges with abortion?

The only time abortion is permitted in Oman is when required to save the woman’s life with the consent of her husband. A certificate from multiple registered medical practitioners working in government hospitals verifying that the ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s life is essential. Additionally, a marriage registration certificate is required to prove the couple’s marriage.

The act of abortion is punishable in Oman. Women caught buying abortion pills in Oman will be punished along with their helpers.

Concerning punishments for breaching the law

  • In accordance with article 244, women who take any contraceptive for abortion on their own will be sentenced to prison for three months to three years.
  • Those who intentionally perform abortions on pregnant women against their will are sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Words of Advice for Pregnant mothers living in Oman:

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