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Are there any serious consequences of a baby passport in Oman without marriage?


Like most emirates, Oman is home to many expats that move for a better standard of living and job opportunities. Whilst living in the emirates, it is only normal to find love, and in some cases, unmarried women may experience pregnancy outside of wedlock.

Consequently when the child is born; there might be certain consequences when it comes to getting a baby passport in Oman without marriage. Read this article and come out the best alternative of getting the baby passport in Oman.

What consequences do unmarried women bear of getting pregnant out of wedlock in Oman?

Previously, women who got pregnant outside of marriage have been jailed or deported from the country. On the other hand, abortion is illegal in Oman. One is permitted to abort only under exceptional circumstances. This might include if the pregnancy will put the woman’s life in danger, or with the continued development of the pregnancy.

Any person or doctor who assists a pregnant woman in having an abortion with her consent faces a three-year prison sentence. Additionally, the operating licenses will be revoked.

Basic requirements to follow for issuing the baby passport:

This is what the Consulate-General in Oman requires in order to issue a passport to your baby:

  • Passport copy of parents
  • A copy of your baby’s original birth certificate.
  • Request letter from father.
  • For expats, obtain the civil ID Number by applying first at Directorate General of Civil Status.
  • Present both parents’ original passports or identity cards, as well as conformed copies.
  • The guardian’s written approval stating their agreement to the issuance of a passport to his (son, daughter) if the latter is under the age of (18) eighteen. A copy of the father’s ID card will be enclosed.
  • In cases where parents’ passports are not available or where parents have died, the applicant must present a verification of the applicant’s relationship, as well as the original passport of a relative from the father’s side (e.g., brother, uncle, or mother) or the demise certificates, as applicable.

Please note: The requirements for the same are likely to changed based on many factors which could include the nationality, residency and the martial status of the couple

Final Verdict on your baby passport for Oman residents

All the unmarried women, either residents or expats, face many challenges in getting the official documents for their babies. We highly recommend couples who are willing to start a family to get married. You can decide to solemnize the wedding in the beautiful views of Georgia, Seychelles, and UAE.

Online wedding is another option they can take for and make your wedding within your budget. It is best for those couples who live in different countries and cannot travel.

Still confused about your current situation with a baby outside wedlock ? Talk to our team of experts that have helped many such women.

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