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Can you get married online as an Oman citizen or expat?

Can you get married online as an Oman citizen or expat?

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Because of the COVID-19, tight restrictions, and laws, many countries have begun to provide their citizens the option of being married online via Zoom. Is that, however, legal? Will you be able to obtain a legal marriage certificate?

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Getting legally married online

The procedure of legally marrying someone online may seem simple and clear, but it all depends on the couple’s circumstances. There are numerous aspects that contribute to the legitimacy of an online wedding.

For many years, online weddings had no legal value, but owing to COVID-19, the landscape of this idea is now a little changed. Some religious marriages are now held via Zoom or Skype via the internet.

Religious weddings without civil legal documents, on the other hand, are not acknowledged. Couples who desire to marry online must choose a civil marriage and make sure they have all of the necessary documentation.

Legal process

After receiving the wedding certificate from the marriage registrar, the certificate undergoes a local legalization process at the respective Ministries and Apostille.

Additionally, if the nation in which you presently reside isn’t a signatory to the Apostille Convention. We’ll assist you in bringing the certificate to the appropriate embassy for attestation. We will receive the original hard copy once the entire process is completed. If you live in the UAE, we’ll then finish the final stage of legalization. If you live in a foreign nation, we’ll mail you the original copy to complete the process.

In conclusion of your online wedding

Following the pandemic, many couples living in GCC nations have struggled to return home and marry in their home country. Online weddings have the advantage of being able to take place anywhere, whether it’s at your home or a special location for you.

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