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Getting married in Oman Vs Bahrain for foreign expats


Oman and Bahrain are GCC countries that often witness the influx of foreigners from different parts of the world. The Kingdom of Bahrain is quite peaceful so the daily activities here proceed quite seamlessly. Oman also has a thriving economy.

A marriage in Bahrain requires the full involvement of the bride and groom’s family. So, the couple must meet the traditional and legal requirements. The same is true of Oman. This article examines the requirements and the legal standards for marriage in Bahrain and Oman. Georgia is also considered as an alternative.

Legal requirements for a wedding in Oman and Bahrain

Just like in any other legal activity, documentation is important when planning a wedding in Bahrain and Oman. The Family law requires that the Muslim couple who live in these countries should bring the following official documents:

  • Passports
  • ID that indicates residence in the country
  • The results from a premarital screening test
  • Letter of approval from the employer
  • Divorce/Death certificates from previous marriages

Apart from these documents, the bride and groom must make sure that they are up to 18 years and have the consent of their partners. The bride’s father should also write a letter that discloses his approval of the marriage.

There is a difference between the Muslim and non-Muslim marriages. While Muslims can marry in the House of Judgment under the Ministry of Justice, non-Muslims can only go to their embassies and religious worship center.

Comparing easy wedding Bahrain and Oman versus Georgia

Bahrain and Oman are great for marriage and Muslim couples can key into this. However, Georgia does not place any limits for foreigners of varying tribes and religions. The possibility of a civil wedding for foreigners is there in Georgia. So, expats who are not Muslims will have smooth marital proceedings in this country.

Busy expats can conclude their marriage registration within 24 hours in Georgia. In addition to this, they do not need numerous documents for the process. That said, prospective couples should choose their wedding destinations discreetly.

Are you an Expat who desires an easy wedding? Georgia is a good and reasonable alternative. Book a consultation with our excellent team of wedding expats who will be happy to guide you on this journey.

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