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Easy wedding Dubai for Oman Expats


Due to its strategic location and beautiful environment, many Oman expats wish to go to Dubai for marriage. Since they are also neighbors, Oman expats believe that the distance is favorable to them. The nice environmental setting is another factor that endears people to Dubai.

A wedding in Dubai comes with many requirements that people must follow. If the expats are Muslims, they will not have a hard time marrying in this emirate. In the course of this article, we will consider what people can hope to expect from a Dubai wedding. Some other alternatives, like Georgia and Seychelles, will also be explained.

Necessary documentation and procedure for a wedding in Dubai

To marry in Dubai without facing any stress, it is vital that the couple know what the law expects of them. It may take up to a month to finalize all the steps. Muslim couples will wed according to the dictates of Sharia law.

Crucial documents to bring along during a wedding in Dubai include the following: Passports, Birth certificates, divorce and death certificates from former marriages. In addition to the aforementioned, two witnesses and the bride’s father have to be present on the day of the marriage. Also important is that none of the parties should be less than the age of 18.

It is important that at least one of the parties should live in Dubai, so an Emirate’s ID is one of the requirements for marriage. For non-Muslims, the process is longer as there is no room for a civil wedding in Dubai. Non-Muslims can either go to Abu Dhabi for their wedding or have a ceremonial wedding in their religious houses. After that, the certificate will be authenticated at their embassies.

Conclusion on easy wedding Dubai and alternatives

Given that a Dubai wedding is not so easy for non-Muslims, they may have to consider other good alternatives. Georgia and Seychelles have trouble-free procedures for marriage. Most importantly, they do not discriminate on the basis of religion and ethnicity.

If expats want to save themselves the stress of a physical wedding, they should chose the online route. They will upload the soft PDF copies of their documents on the website of the Abu Dhabi courts. In the end, a digital marriage certificate will be given to them.

You need reliable informants to guide you on any of the three alternatives for marriage. Our wedding agency has experts who render such services. Book a consultation with them for reliable guidance.

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