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Easy wedding solutions in Oman for Saudi expats

Easy wedding solutions in Oman Vs Saudi for expats

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Both Oman and Saudi Arabia as a land of luxury and grandeur offers several prestigious venues for regal weddings. Unfortunately, the process of legalizing your marriage can be extremely taxing.

As an expat, you will have to go through unimaginable amounts of documentation to start your new life. This process can take weeks or even months before you can finally get married. This is especially true if your paperwork is incomplete, or your partner is not a resident of any of these two countries.

Steps to an easy wedding in Oman for expats

  • Valid residency status in Oman (for either parties)
  • Registration of the marriage (waiting period is at least one month)
  • Waiting to be notified by Justice Ministry
  • Complete application form
  • Approval from the Ministry of interior
  • A registration form 
  • Proof of medical clearance

Oman, just like Saudi operates under Sharia law. This makes planning an easy wedding almost impossible for an expat. It gets particularly difficult when it concerns inter-faith marriages.

Expats usually consider to get married in their home countries due to these hurdles. If that isn’t an option for you, we have plenty of others.

Easy wedding options for expats in Saudi

A destination wedding in the middle of beautiful blue beaches or lush green forests is always a good idea. Countries like Georgia or Seychelles offer convenient marriage laws to ease your journey to your life partner. These countries require basic identification documents and a small registration fee with the bare minimum waiting period. Georgia and Seychelles support visitors to register their marriages as well.

Having an easy online wedding is another affordable and feasible option for expats. The marriage certificate obtained can be registered easily at the Civil Affairs Office to legalize your wedding.

Final verdict on an easy wedding for expats in Oman and Saudi

The wedding day is one of the most awaited days for both bride and the groom. The hectic process of getting married in countries like Saudi or Oman can steal the charm. It is advisable for expats in Saudi to consider an online wedding or a destination wedding in an easy wedding country like Georgia and Seychelles.

Need to discuss more easy wedding options as an expat in Saudi? Contact our team to help you plan your perfect and easy wedding!

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