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Follow your Directions: Easy-wedding Georgia VS Oman

Follow your Directions: Easy wedding Georgia VS Oman

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Weddings in Oman are sometimes can be a tad challenging for expats living there because of the long process of registration. Some of them have an intent to complete their process quickly and get the certificate on the same day. For that, they must prefer Georgia to solemnize the best day of life. 

Lengthy Regulations in Oman

The following procedure must be followed by expats planning to get married in Oman. For example, Christians should submit their baptism certificates and No Objection Certificates prior to marriage as proof that they are not married yet.

  • Original divorce or marriage certificates.
  • It is required to provide the original residence card unless one of the parties is an Omani national.
  • Both parties must provide identification (ID, passport, residence card).
  • Provide a marriage permit if one of the parties is not Omani.
  • Applicant appearance is mandatory

Easy wedding Georgia rules for Expat Wedding

The couples must be 18 years old, but emancipated minors who are 17years should represent their proof and it’s the only way to tie up the knot. Marriage requirements in Georgia depend on the country where the license is issued and expats have to submit the required documents. For security purposes, the minister should maintain a copy of his or her ordination credentials during the ceremony.

Recommendations on Choosing the First Choice:

Although, we all are so occupied due to hectic life and don’t have time to get some out of it. The added stress of the process and documentation can create a sense of anxiety around us. In these situations, we can’t put ourselves in new hurdles in life. That’s why we want to marry the love of your life in a comfortable environment.

As Oman marriage process can be a lot longer than Georgia; we recommend expats to opt for a wedding in Georgia as a top preference and coming out of the full of stressful conditions.

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