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How to get married easy in Seychelles as an Oman expat


It is not always common for foreign couples to get married in Oman. They usually go back to their countries to get married. The only qualification is when both couples are residents in Oman. If you are resident in Oman and want to have your wedding there, there are other options to consider.

Read on to know the options to consider.

Requirements for marriage in Oman

Getting married in Oman requires a lot of documentation, protocols, and processes. In Oman, you can have a Christian marriage, Muslim and Hindu Marriage.

The following are therefore required;

  • Inform the priest or pastor,
  • Provide a copy of visa and passport,
  • Get four witnesses,
  • Get the Marriage certificate attested,
  • Submit certificates,
  • Post in the church’s notice board (for a Christian marriage).
  • For a Muslim and Hindu Marriage,
  • Apply at the Sharia court,
  • Contact the Indian embassy,

All these steps listed above takes time.

Getting married in Seychelles for Oman couples

Getting married in Seychelles is stress free without any bureaucracy. We provide you with the Marriage License which is acceptable all over the world. This will only take a few days.

The Marriage according to Seychelles laws will be conducted in English or French. You don’t need to visit the civil status service at all. Your wedding can be held anywhere. It could be on the beach, hotels, or any other venue.

You don’t need a visa to enter Seychelles. All you need are these documents to get a visitor’s permit which will last for three months. These documents include;

  • Passport,
  • Sufficient fund for the duration of your stay,
  • Proof of accommodation,
  • Return/onward flight ticket.

Conclude on how to get married in Seychelles as Oman couples

You can contact us if you are intending couples in Oman and cannot stand the stress. We will help you get married in Seychelles.

Please share to your friends and family so they can be aware that having their wedding in Seychelles as Oman couples is is easy and doesn’t take time.

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