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How to get married in Georgia for GCC Oman residents

How to get married in Georgia for GCC Oman residents

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Citizens of GCC nations like Oman, UAE, and Bahrain often desire to get married in a destination like Georgia. They might desire to get married here because they want to get a glimpse of the country. Interfaith marriage can also be a valid reason to seek a marriage in Georgia.

Georgia is indeed a good option because of its tolerant laws and simple document requirements. In this post, we will take a look at the steps that must be taken to seal a marriage in Georgia.


The procedures for getting married in Georgia for GCC residents is the same for people from other nations. Here is an overview of the core steps to take:

  1. Compilation of important documents: Some documents that could be demanded by the marriage officer include the birth certificates of the couple, their valid visas/passports, death and divorce certificates from former marriages. Two persons will also have to stand as witnesses in court.
  2. Payment of Registration Costs: Before the marriage application form will be filled, the couple has to pay a registration cost.
  3. Issuance of the Certificates: After the preliminary stages are concluded, the couple will be issued the certificate by the marriage officer. 
  4. Legalization and Translation: Translation is the next important step that must be taken. This is important for the recognition of the certificate in the home country. Next, the embassies will authenticate the certificate.

After all the procedures above have been followed, the final certificate can be tendered and approved anywhere in the world.


As can be seen above, it is not difficult for Oman citizens to get married in Georgia. However, to make the process smoother and faster, the couple should organize all the important documents that will be requested by the presiding officer.

All the steps mentioned above must be followed closely for a successful Georgian wedding. When the legalization process is done at the authorized agencies then the couple will have the best results.

Do you or an acquaintance from the GCC nations desire more information on how to get married in Georgia? Book a consultation with our wedding agency for vital information on the process.

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