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How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court-Simple steps to follow

How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court – Simple steps to follow

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When foreigners from Oman think of how to marry in Abu Dhabi, the list of required documents is often foremost in their minds. This is important because documentation is the most important aspect of any legal procedure. When the documentation is right, every other step tends to flow without issues.

The UAE government avails foreigners with new marriage provisions that will help them to marry without many hassles. This text examines what these provisions are and helps couples to prepare better for their big day.

Extant requirements for marriage

Documentation and legalization are the major aspects of marriage in Abu Dhabi. The couple is expected to come up with a list of necessary documents that include:

  • Passports
  • Emirates ID
  • Proof that their last marriage is now dissolved. A divorce certificate or death certificate of a former mate is often enough proof.

Before marriage, the couple should also be sure that they do not have blood ties and that they consent to the marriage. Age 18 and above is the accepted bracket for marriage in Abu Dhabi.

The marriage proceedings are often conducted from Mondays to Fridays and the proceedings are completed within 30 minutes intervals. Translation and notarization are the next steps to take after the couple gets their certificate. These steps are basic for those who want to know how to marry in Abu Dhabi.

How a wedding in Abu Dhabi benefits the couple

A wedding in Abu Dhabi has a lot of high points for couples. First, the certificate that they get is valid and will be recognized by all nations. They also enjoy the quality services and beautiful features in the environment.

Abu Dhabi wedding is clear on its requirements and once couples can get this right, they will be issued their certificate. Couples who seek leisure also have many places to relax before and after their wedding ceremony in this hospitable emirate.

If you wish to organize your wedding in Abu Dhabi, book a consultation with our wedding team who will show you the right routes to flow. They offer clarity on the said subject.

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