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Is a court wedding in Dubai for Oman foreigners feasible?


Oman nationals might entertain the idea of legalizing their marriage through a Dubai court marriage. While the idea is interesting, it will also be wise to know what to expect in a Dubai court marriage.

The couple might have questions like; Are my papers in order? Is interfaith marriage allowed? Can Georgia and Seychelles serve as valid substitutes? These questions are explained here.


There are some vital official papers that the couple will submit to indicate their readiness for marriage. Foremost among these are;

  • Passport copies
  • Resident permit by at least one of the parties
  • Divorce/Death certificates (if applicable), and
  • Pre-marriage medical test result (conducted in the ministry of health)

In addition to these requirements, the bride must give her consent to the marriage and two male witnesses should be present on the registration day.


Interfaith marriage happens in Dubai. However, the couple will not be joined in court. This is because the marital process is conducted according to Sharia laws. Only Muslim couples can get married under the guidance of this law.

The couple should have an agreement when they want to marry. Their embassies should also approve of the marriage.


Oman expats can consider Georgia and Seychelles for marriage. This is because they have friendly marriage laws. The interesting thing about marriage in these countries is that there is no limitation on the basis of nationality or religion. Also, the approval of the parties is central to the smooth flow of the wedding.

The couple only needs passports, birth certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates of a former marriage mate. Authentication is the final step in the process.

Do you wish to learn more about the prerequisites for marriage in Georgia and Seychelles? Arrange an online or in-person meeting with our wedding agency for further information.

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