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Marriage without traveling VS marriage in Oman

Marriage without traveling VS marriage in Oman

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Getting married in the GCC countries is one of the most challenging tasks. Moreover, COVID-19 has made the process even more difficult. Now many the people can’t even travel back to their home countries even for marry. If you are in the same situation, you have landed in the right place. That’s because this article contains a new and completely legit way that will allow you to understand how to get married online. Moreover, you won’t even have to travel anywhere to get it done. Read on to find a marriage without traveling requirements.


The bride and the groom need to provide a copy of these. They also need to show some evidence that they are not married yet. This will include a letter to present before the embassy. The same also applies when one is divorced or widowed. Further documents need to be provided as well.

The spouses need to attest the marriage to be accurate and correct under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including its respective embassies.


Aside from that, some states in the United States, such as Colorado, New York, California, and Ohio, allow their people to marry online. Citizens could also get a legitimate civil marriage certificate online under the new rules. In fact, the couple must apply online in order to hold a virtual wedding ceremony with at least one eyewitness present. Because of the global pandemic, online weddings have become lawful in the United States. It not only maintains social distance but also reduces the risk of the virus spreading. However, it is only applicable to American citizens who are permanently residing in the United States.


Well, the truth is that you don’t need to do anything difficult or time-consuming. That’s because you’re not compelled to do anything. First and foremost, we schedule a conversation with you in order to obtain all of the pertinent information and details relevant to your situation. It covers information such as nationality, current marital status, religion, and so on. After examining everything, our team of experienced and qualified lawyers will do a comprehensive embassy check. It will help them decide whether online marriage is a viable option for you. If everything seems good, we’ll begin the online wedding planning process for you.


Following the pandemic, many couples living in GCC nations have struggled to return home and marry in their home country. Online weddings have the advantage of being able to take place anywhere, whether it’s at your home or a special location for you.

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