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Relevance of the 2022 Marriage Laws in UAE for Oman citizens

Relevance of the 2022 Marriage Laws in UAE for Oman citizens

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Oman is one of the countries that form the Gulf Cooperation Council. Just like the other five member countries, Oman has Islam as the most dominant form of worship. However, other religions are allowed to peacefully co-exist. 

The UAE is a highly desirable country for many Oman citizens. It developed a new marriage law that went into full effect in 2022. Since it is true that this law is mainly for non-Muslim expatriates and visitors, the remaining Oman population that does not practice Islam stands to benefit from this law.

What the law says and its meaning for visitors

According to the new instituted law, visitors to the nation are now free to get married in a dedicated civil court. This is a big improvement from the former times when the marriage guidelines of the sharia law were the only acceptable route to marriage. 

Now, instead of traveling out of the country, residents and non-residents who hold valid visas can easily legalize their marriage in the UAE.

Specific expectations for marriage under the new law

Under the new law, there are certain important documents that are required to have the marriage fully registered. The basic official papers that will be needed include;

  • A passport that indicates the right to stay in the nation
  • A completed marriage application form (this can be found online)
  • A divorce certificate (if any of the parties has one)

Also, note that a marriage license cost will have to be paid for. Upon completion of the formal aspects, a ceremony can be held to commemorate the occasion.

Concluding thoughts on the UAE 2022 Marriage laws

The 2022 UAE marriage laws are very easy to abide by. Foreigners will enjoy maximum freedom as they seal their marriage vows in this beautiful country. This is a great move by the nation to embrace visitors.

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