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Wedding Paperwork For Oman Residents

Our wedding packages are customized for the Oman expats. You will receive all the documents & paperwork you need to live in the GCC at the end of the process.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra


Muslim court wedding package

From 370 OMR / 960 USD

For Muslim Couples

Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate usable in Oman and outside.

What is included

  • Legal consultation ✔️
  • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
  • Pre-marital check information ✔️
  • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

A few basic requirements

  • Passport scan copy ✔️
  • Oman resident visa scan copy ✔️
  • Pre-marriage medical examination ✔️
  • Singleness or divorce certificate (if applicable) ✔️
  • Guardian ✔️


  • Airport Drop-off ✔️
  • Document shipping ✔️
  • Proposals ❌
  • Wedding Celebrants ❌
  • Bouquets ❌
  • Photoshoots ❌
  • Musicians ❌

Possible locations

  • Oman
  • UAE

Easy Package

From 450 OMR / 1160 USD

For the cost savers

Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation ❌
  • Prenuptial Agreement ❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ❌
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ❌
  • Taxi & Transportation ❌

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs*✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • After Wedding Support ❌
  • Birth Certificate Support ❌
  • Dinner ❌
  • Tours ❌

Possible Locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

Full Package

From 560 OMR / 1450 USD

For the busy bees

Our team will take care of all the steps of the process for you until you receive your wedding certificate in the country of your residence.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Prenuptial Agreement✔️
  • Airport pick ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • 1 GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ✔️
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ✔️
  • Transportation to City Hall ✔️

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs* ✔️
  • After Wedding Support ✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • Airport drop off ✔️
  • Birth Certificate Support 🎁
  • Dinner 🎁
  • Tours 🎁

Possible locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

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Most common Wedding questions
Why Oman couples should consider a honeymoon in Georgia

Your honeymoon will give you your first unforgettable moments as a couple. It establishes how a couple regards each other and paves the way for marital joy. Not to mention some wonderful honeymoon memories to help keep the flame alive while reminiscing. Regardless of how small and simple your wedding is, it’s likely to be a little stressful.

If you’re like most couples, you’ll spend most of your wedding night entertaining people rather than celebrating each other, so it’s critical to start your new life with something soothing for just the two of you. There is no better option than to select Georgia as a honeymoon vacation. The lush green landscapes and rich buildings might let you reconnect with your loved one in the most enchanting atmosphere.

What does a honeymoon in Georgia offer our couples?

The diverse landscape: Georgia features diverse terrain, including deserts, beaches, and mountains, despite its small size. Hiking and camping enthusiasts will find themselves in ecstasy in this country. You may also visit stunning lakes, canyons, and waterfalls, or unwind at spa resorts.

The food: like the landscape is diverse. Despite the fact that the food is mostly centered on meat and bread, there are vegetarian choices available. The national food is khinkali, which are beef dumplings with soup within. Vegetarians can fill it with potato, mushroom, or cheese. Another popular local dish is khachapuri, a pizza-like cheese pie eaten at supper in many versions around the country.

The wine: Georgia is reputed to be the world’s oldest wine-producing country. It is believed that humans have been producing wine here for at least 8,000 years, using egg-shaped clay jars known as qvevri. Those jars are placed underground, where the fermentation process occurs organically. The procedure imparts an amber hue to Georgian wine.

Must visit places in Georgia

Kutaisi: Caves, dinosaur footprints, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries, and a futuristic parliament building are just a few of the spectacular sites in Kutaisi and the surrounding area. In fact, there are so many things to see and do in the vicinity that you may find yourself staying in Kutaisi for longer than you anticipated. It is one of Europe’s 16 oldest cities, which you may want to add to your list of places to celebrate your new relationship.

Batumi: If you’re in the area during the summer, you should visit Batumi. This central Black Sea coast city is favorite summer vacation for many Georgians, and it is only three hours from Kutaisi. Aside from seeing the city and strolling down its 12km (7.4 miles) long promenade, you may also drive outside of the city and schedule a day excursion to explore more of the Adjara region.

Hot springs of Tbilisi: Georgia boasts natural hot springs and spa resorts all around the country. However, the sulphur baths in Tbilisi’s Abanotubani neighborhood are many people’s first destination. The bath water, which is heated to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), is said to be therapeutic to the skin.

Conclusions for planning your honeymoon in Georgia

Oman is a country with a long history and a rich seafaring past. Oman boasts every luxury imaginable, from opulent resorts to air-conditioned retail complexes. Georgia, on the other hand, allows you to spend your honeymoon in wonderful weather among snow-capped mountains and dense green woods. However, the most significant benefit Georgia provides is the very cheap cost.

Not only will our staff assist you in planning the perfect honeymoon, but we will also photograph the unique moments of love in some of the most historic locations. We also provide a personal tour of some of the unusual caves and canyons. Georgia is not only a beautiful honeymoon destination, but it is also a fantastic wedding venue! So you may be married in Georgia and start your honeymoon right away.

Interested in discovering more about our honeymoon packages in Georgia? Contact our expert team members now and let’s start planning!

Abortion Rights in US VS Oman

The Supreme Court of the United States decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton had decriminalized abortion nationwide in 1973. From now on, the implementation of the new law in the US enlightens a new perspective. In 2021, Judy Chu introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act, addressing abortion rights. Senate rejected the bill passed by the House of Representatives.

In 2022, Roe v. Wade overturned the law, ending federal abortion rights and impose ban on termination of pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss the abortion right in US versus Oman and what are the other best alternatives for the American women.

Current abortion Rights in US:

Various cities are affected differently by the current abortion law in the US. The state of Idaho and Oklahoma have passed laws copying Texas’ 2021 fetal heartbeat law, which prohibits termination of a fetus after the detection of heartbeat. An ultrasound can detect the fetal heartbeat within 6-7 weeks of gestation, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

However, Florida and Arizona banned abortion except in cases of irreversible fetal impairments during the 15 week period. In the same vein, a law was passed that prohibited expulsions for physical or mental disabilities in West Virginia. Penalties who go on with abortion varies by jurisdiction.

Abortion Rights in Oman:

The abortion law in the state of Oman is very strict. When a mother’s life is at risk, a licensed physician can only operate it. There are a number of illegal abortions occurring in Oman through unauthorized clinics.

A doctor or person who assists a woman in performing abortions without her consent can be sentenced to prison. These tough laws in Oman may force many pregnant women to seek underground ways.

Punishments for breaching the law :

  • As per article 244, the punishment for those women who take any contraceptives for abortion by themselves, from three months to three years in prison.
  • According to Article 242, the punishment of imprisonment at 5 years, whoever intentionally carries out an abortion on a pregnant woman against her.

Final Verdict on abortion rights in US VS Oman:

The new laws of US 2022, provides legal system and taking care of expecting mothers. Some women had post-traumatic stress that elevates levels of anxiety and depression. The ladies who are pregnant out of wedlock can opt online wedding if they have trouble of traveling. Some Couples who wish to have a stress-free wedding may benefit from Georgia or Seychelles.

If you have a wish to solemnize your marriage with your love of life, Consult our highly recommended easy-wedding team!

How to marry if I am pregnant in Oman

Pregnancy is a huge life event and it is worth celebrating. But when a woman is unmarried and resident in a country like Oman, there is a problem. This is because Oman law does not support giving birth out of wedlock. Even abortion is not an option because it is unlawful in Oman.

Read on to know how to marry if you are unmarried and pregnant but live in Oman.

Problems that pregnancy before marriage brings for Oman residents

As mentioned abortion is illegal in Oman. It attract serious penalties. Except if the life of the mother or child is at risk, if the physical and mental health of the mother and/or the child is at risk.

These and many more are problems that accompany pregnancy without marriage. It is a taboo in Oman to have premarital sex. Unmarried couples living together is a punishable offence. Therefore, pregnancy without marriage is not tolerated at all.

The way out for pregnancy without marriage in Oman

There’s always a solution to every problem. If you are pregnant and unmarried but live in Oman, the solutions are either;

  • Online wedding for couples who cannot travel, or
  • Destination wedding in either Seychelles or Georgia. These locations are the best and most cost-effective options.

So whichever option you are choosing, whether online or destination wedding, the entire process including obtaining a legal marriage license will not take time. It’s just a matter of days.

You are free to share this information with your friends and family. This is to educate and let them know that getting pregnant before marriage in Oman is not a death sentence.

Marriage without traveling VS marriage in Oman

Getting married in the GCC countries is one of the most challenging tasks. Moreover, COVID-19 has made the process even more difficult. Now many the people can’t even travel back to their home countries even for marry. If you are in the same situation, you have landed in the right place. That’s because this article contains a new and completely legit way that will allow you to understand how to get married online. Moreover, you won’t even have to travel anywhere to get it done. Read on to find a marriage without traveling requirements.


The bride and the groom need to provide a copy of these. They also need to show some evidence that they are not married yet. This will include a letter to present before the embassy. The same also applies when one is divorced or widowed. Further documents need to be provided as well.

The spouses need to attest the marriage to be accurate and correct under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including its respective embassies.


Aside from that, some states in the United States, such as Colorado, New York, California, and Ohio, allow their people to marry online. Citizens could also get a legitimate civil marriage certificate online under the new rules. In fact, the couple must apply online in order to hold a virtual wedding ceremony with at least one eyewitness present. Because of the global pandemic, online weddings have become lawful in the United States. It not only maintains social distance but also reduces the risk of the virus spreading. However, it is only applicable to American citizens who are permanently residing in the United States.


Well, the truth is that you don’t need to do anything difficult or time-consuming. That’s because you’re not compelled to do anything. First and foremost, we schedule a conversation with you in order to obtain all of the pertinent information and details relevant to your situation. It covers information such as nationality, current marital status, religion, and so on. After examining everything, our team of experienced and qualified lawyers will do a comprehensive embassy check. It will help them decide whether online marriage is a viable option for you. If everything seems good, we’ll begin the online wedding planning process for you.


Following the pandemic, many couples living in GCC nations have struggled to return home and marry in their home country. Online weddings have the advantage of being able to take place anywhere, whether it’s at your home or a special location for you.

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