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Can Kuwait expats opt to get married in Oman?


The Sultanate of Oman is rich in tradition, history, and culture. It is unique in certain ways. Despite its beautiful coastlines and breathtaking mountain scenery, Oman is not considered the greatest destination to get married for a variety of reasons. Some wedding packages in Oman can be tailored to fit within twelve thousand euros, while a luxurious wedding may cost up to twenty-five thousand euros or more. This may not be the most affordable way to fulfill your dream wedding. Oman does offer some exquisite beach wedding locations. These locations however are a part of the luxurious packages available. For expats in Kuwait dreaming of a beautiful bohemian beach wedding, we strongly recommend considering an easy destination wedding in Georgia or Seychelles.

Wedding process in Oman for Kuwait expats

Oman’s government has policies in place that require comprehensive documentation as proof similar to Kuwait. These criteria range from producing verified copies of birth certificates to the Ministry of Interior certifications, as well as the fact that one of the partners is not an Oman resident and may not help. As a result, many Oman expats prefer to be married at home or in another location. An easy wedding is practically unachievable for an expat. When it comes to interfaith weddings, the situation gets more difficult.

Basic wedding requirements in Oman

  • Valid residency status in Oman (either your partner or you, are required to hold a residency)
  • Registration of the marriage (waiting period is at least one month)
  • Waiting to be notified by Justice Ministry
  • Complete application form
  • Approval from the Ministry of Interior
  • A registration form 
  • Proof of medical clearance

These difficulties are the main reasons why expats prefer to marry in their native country. If it isn’t a choice for you, there are lots of others.

Ideal easy wedding options for Kuwait expats

Countries such as Georgia and Seychelles have accessible marriage rules to help you find your ideal wedding situation. These countries demand very minimal identity documents and a minor registration cost, as well as the shortest possible waiting period. Georgia and Seychelles also allow visitors to register their weddings. These gorgeous countries also have a clear set of regulations regarding interfaith and multiracial partnerships.

Another economical and viable alternative for expats is to have an easy online wedding. The issued marriage certificate may be easily registered in Kuwait to validate your wedding.

If getting married in GCC is the only feasible option for you, you might want to consider Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has recently opened its doors to civil marriages for non-Muslim expat residents and visitors. Making UAE an attractive option for expats in GCC countries to hold their weddings.

Wedding conclusions for Kuwait expats

The stress and uncertainty caused by the paperwork procedure might detract from the beauty of your big day. Getting married online is the ideal choice for you as an expat in Kuwait, especially if traveling isn’t a choice available to you. If you choose Abu Dhabi as your destination wedding, it would definitely be easy considering the no visa requirements for GCC residents. Georgia or Seychelles is ideal if you want to have an easy destination wedding on a budget in some of the world’s most romantic locations.

So let us begin! Simply contact us and we will gladly assist you in organizing your wonderful and easy wedding.

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