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Cost to plan a dream wedding in Georgia for Oman expats

Cost to plan a dream wedding in Georgia for Oman expats

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Given that it’s one of the most significant days in a person’s life, it’s not all that strange to dream about your special day and find yourself overcome with wonder or even worry when you wake up the next morning. For you and your partner to join two families and lives, your wedding should be the perfect occasion. No matter how private or chaotic, unusual or commonplace, you deserve to experience the day of your dreams. You and your wedding planner will determine together how to include these small details to truly make your wedding one-of-a-kind. You have a lot to do in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, and you shouldn’t be handling it all by yourself. This is why we have everything you need to know in this article, to estimate the cost to plan a dream wedding in Georgia.

Oman, one of the smaller GCC countries, boasts beautiful scenery. This however means Oman offers a limited range of wedding venues. You can rely on our staff to organize and enhance your ceremony. Georgia has everything covered for you, including amazing weather and packages for our Oman expats.

Cost to plan a dream wedding in the mountains

If you want a fairytale wedding that comes true, we can assist you in organizing your ceremony in a contemporary hotel with a stunning view and consideration for cultural differences. Another option is the Gudauri ski region in Georgia, which is situated on a plateau with a southern aspect and is part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. These two locations exemplify sophistication and seduction.

Cost to plan a dream wedding in the city

You might choose to plan a grand celebration in the historic and vibrant capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. It extends to the banks of the Mtkvari River. Three of Tbilisi’s four sides are mountainous. In a style that represents a metropolis that endures through the ages and integrates seamlessly with the current moment. One of the oldest cities in Georgia, Mtskheta, is another option for your special day. 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Tbilisi, it is located close to the meeting point of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers. It is regarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well. Since the early Kingdom of Iberia (today’s Eastern Georgia) used it as its capital in roughly 1,000 BC, Mtskheta has been inhabited. These two places are the epitome of elegance and charm.

Cost to plan a dream wedding by the lake

The picturesque Kvareli Lake Resort is the perfect place to host your dream wedding. devoting your life to one another in front of a stunning landscape and an enticing green forest. The resort stands out for its breathtaking setting, avant-garde architecture, delectable food, and first-rate service. Kakheti, one of Georgia’s most picturesque regions, serves as its hub. The weeks and months before your wedding will be busy, so you shouldn’t handle everything on your own. You can rely on our team to plan your event and make it special.


In the end, the choice is yours. It’s a chance in a lifetime to spend time with loved ones while also satisfying their wanderlust and desire to learn about various cultures. Even though Oman has stunning landscapes and a mild temperature, it is a small GCC nation. If you want to exchange vows in a unique setting, think about having a destination wedding. Georgia is the perfect location for a destination wedding for Oman expats due to its breathtaking natural settings and deliciously affordable wedding packages. Georgia offers ideal wedding circumstances, is close to other GCC countries, and is the definition of a beautiful vacation.

Get in touch with a member of our staff as soon as possible for additional details on the cost to plan a dream wedding in!

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