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How can expats have an easy wedding in Oman?

How can expats have an easy wedding Oman?

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Although getting married in Oman is a hectic and tiring process, it is not entirely impossible. Patience is the first thing required to getting married in Oman as an expat. Many couples find it easy to be wed in other countries with easier marriage laws and less waiting times. It is also entirely possible to find a venue of your liking but the cost for these venues is not as limited as the venue options. 

Difficulties of getting married in Oman as an expat

  1. A month long waiting period to register the marriage
  2. A notification from Justice Ministry
  3. Complete application form
  4. Approval from the Ministry of interior 
  5. A registration form  
  6. Proof of medical clearance

The list above gives an overview of some of the documentation required

Since Oman operates under Sharia law, it is grueling to plan a wedding as an expat. This process gets even more laborious if you or your partner is not a Muslim or a resident of Oman. 

Since your wedding day should be beautiful and memorable, we suggest you to plan an easy wedding. Seychelles, Georgia or even an online wedding would be easier than the troublesome path of getting married in Oman as an expat. 

Verdict on whether expats can have an easy wedding Oman

A wedding is a dream that couples wait to live every day of their life. The annoyance and fuss created by the lengthy procedure of getting married in Oman, dims the magic. We recommend taking the burden off your back and taking your big day to the affordable scenic landscapes of Georgia and Seychelles. These dreamy destination wedding spots are not just beautiful but also incredibly affordable. And if you want it cheaper, an easy online wedding is always an option. 

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