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Best choices for getting married: Easy-wedding Qatar VS Oman

Best choices for getting married: Easy wedding Qatar VS Oman

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Interfaith marriages in Oman or Qatar creates a tough situation for expatriates. In a nutshell, the strict marriage laws and limited choice of venues stand there. They choose to move to other countries as a top-priority. Let’s hop on to explore more in this summarized article.

Regulations of Marriage in Oman for Expats:

If expats are planning to marry in Oman, they have to pass through the following time-consuming procedure. For instance, Christian should submit original baptism certificates and No Objection Certificate before marriage in order to represent that they have not been married yet.

  • Documents related to a divorce or marriage certificate in their original form.
  • Unless one of the parties is an Omani national, the original residence card must be provided.
  • Identification of both parties (ID/passport/residence card).
  • Present the Ministry of Interior’s marriage permit if one of the parties isn’t Omani.
  • It is mandatory for applicants to appear in person.

Confronting the challenges for Expats in Oman VS Qatar:

Although the paperwork in Oman as expats is too long and complex, it will take 2 months before marriage. Those foreigners get married in other preferable countries. While in Qatar, the marriage rules are more restrictive and lengthy for foreigners. This is not suitable for ones who intend to tie up the knots with different race, ethnicity and religion expats. They should contact your specified embassy before marriage in order to check whether it gets legalized or not. Usually couples prefer to marry with their loved ones in another hassle-free country.

Recommendations for easy-wedding Qatar VS Oman: Best choices for getting married in a stress-free environment

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