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Mass wedding in the UAE; what must Oman couples know


The UAE government took the initiative of mass weddings to be a helping hand to its young citizens. This is only arranged for its nationals only, Oman couples or expats having different nationalities cannot proceed with their wedding through this way. Those people can get married in Oman or choose other wedding destinations. Let’s read the interesting facts about mass weddings that you never knew.

Mass wedding announced in the UAE

The choice of the mass wedding for every UAE local helps to reduce the expenses on this special day, and get connected with their Emirati brothers in order to feel the strong community bond among them. Nevertheless, this new budget-friendly route of getting married revitalizes their cultural norms.

Marriage process in Oman

There are many documents, protocols, and procedures involved in getting married in Oman. Marriages can be conducted in Oman by Christians, Muslims, and Hindus.

It is, therefore, necessary to take the following steps:

  • Ensure the priest or pastor is informed,
  • Passport and visa copies should be provided
  • Four witnesses are needed
  • Obtain an attestation of the marriage certificate
  • Certificates must be submitted,
  • Publish a notice on the church bulletin board (for a Christian wedding).
  • In the case of a Muslim marriage applying at a Sharia court,
  • Apply at the Indian embassy for Hindu marriage

This process takes time for all the steps listed above.

Final thoughts on the mass wedding

For UAE citizens, applying for the mega event of mass wedding is the top priority now. Nevertheless, there are other paths that Oman couples and expats of any national identity can follow to solemnize a dream wedding.

Omani couple may still choose to have their wedding in Oman, depending on the circumstances. They either choose to have it at their hometown or travel to Georgia and Seychelles for a fun-filled day in these beautiful locations. Also, conduct online marriage for the ones whose partner, family or relatives reside at different locations in order to proceed fast.

Celebrating your special day as a dream wedding is your right, Share your every concern with us that you are facing during wedding execution!

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